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Types of Family Law Cases We Handle:


Contested Divorce

When going through the divorce process, you and your future ex-spouse will have to agree on certain terms. These terms include things like child custody arrangements, property division, spousal support, and child support. If you cannot agree on one or more of these terms, you will have what is known as a contested divorce.

In the event of a contested divorce, it’s important to attempt to come to an agreement on your own. However, processes such as mediation, arbitration, and collaboration can help you find mutually-agreeable resolutions to any disputes you may have. Our Team are trained negotiators and know how to navigate these emotional family law matters. We are also skilled trial lawyers who will go the extra mile to zealously represent you at trial if an agreeable resolution can't be made. 


Uncontested Divorce

Divorces are not always contested. Some spouses agree to the terms of the separation or dissolution of marriage, while others default by failing to respond to divorce papers.  

In an uncontested divorce, details of the divorce must still be drafted. This information will provide the court with detailed information about child custody arrangements, child support, property division, and, if applicable, spousal support. A court will then review your proposed terms and render a judgment, if the terms are fair and lawful. 

Hiring an attorney to help with the drafting and submitting of the forms to the court can be of great importance. As your attorney, we will make sure that what you have agreed to is fair and in your best interest. 


Property Division

Absent a prenuptial agreement dictating how assets will be divided, state law gives each spouse an equal interest in all marital property. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to figure out how those assets can be divided equally. When that happens, our Team is here to help. 


Spousal Support

Spousal Support is designed to maintain the standard of living a lower earning spouse grew accustomed to during the marriage and it can help that spouse get back on their feet after divorce.

A variety of factors go into calculating spousal support. These factors generally include income, earning ability, contributions to the marriage, sacrifices for the other spouse, age, health, and financial need. Spousal support is such a heated issue in a divorce, so it is important to have a skilled attorney fight for you during this heavily contested stage of the process. 


Child Custody

It goes without saying that a divorce becomes more complicated when a child is involved. In California, although both parents share equal rights to raising their children, the question of who the child(ren) will live with is not an uncommon issue. We can help. 


Child Support

Child support is one of the single most important issues related to a divorce. In fact, courts will not finalize a divorce without an approved support order in place. 

Our team will work to help you understand the factors considered by the court when making its child support determinations and aid you in highlighting the factors most favorable to you.